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Seasons of Change: What's New at beYOU!

You can read about building a business and what it takes, but, kind of like having a baby, you really can't understand it until you're in it. The last two years of growing beYOU Marketing has been a learning experience, to say the least! There is so much I did SO wrong, and so much that went way better than I expected. I know it's a journey and a rollercoaster and there's still so much to learn. The stress of building a business, plus the stress of personal life - it's been a lot of plates spinning in the air, but the space has also give me lots of time to reflect. So, here are some notable changes in beYOU Marketing that I thought you may be interested in knowing!

Firstly, my physical location has changed! Our family of seven is finally under one roof in Emmaus, PA which is right outside of Allentown. This area is great for us, and we absolutely love it here! There are still lots of reasons to be in the Hershey and Harrisburg areas, which means I get the opportunity to grow my business physically there and also into the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia areas! Although there is a lot of driving ahead, it gives me a great opportunity to grow my business - and listen to books on Audible!

Secondly, taking a step back from marketing my business has helped me to look at ways to make what I do a little simpler, a little more streamlined - an opportunity to reach those I want to reach and still be able to support my family with a comfortable living. In order to accomplish this, I've decided to focus on two areas moving forward.

The first area I want to focus on is individuals and entrepreneurs who need some help getting focused, improving, building or growing their social media. These business owners are usually handling all their social media on their own, and don't have quite the budget that a larger organization may have. With these individuals, there is almost always a need for a clear, organized strategy that they can follow. In addition, I've found that most folks in this population who approach me suffer from the "what do I post now?" or "what do I post today?" problems, which a clear strategy addresses. We will focus on the areas of most importance to YOU which will in turn support your overall business goals. For these services, one can expect to spend $150-$600.

The second area I am focusing on is smaller, well established businesses with a marketing budget. In this case, there is more of a focus on maintaining branding and a professional look. In some cases, this will be taking a client from almost inactive to involved; in other cases, it may be developing a clearer strategy and focus, running targeted ads, and encapsulating social media as a part of the overall marketing approach and consideration. Other clients may need to train staff internally and assign roles as it relates to social media tasks. These clients may be looking for overall management of their social media platforms, or a monthly planning session, and these companies will likely spend $1,000+ to get started.

It is the right direction for my company to separate business into these categories, also knowing that I am a consultant who customizes options for each and every client. There will always be exceptions and in-betweens, and I pride myself on the flexibility of approach.

Thirdly, and without real need for elaboration, our website has been updated. Simpler, easier to navigate, and fresh. Since so frequently I am asked about our pricing, I tried to provide a general guide as to what you can expect. I hope you find this helpful, and I'd love your feedback.

Finally, it is really important to consider a few factors as it relates to social media in today's landscape. A lot has changed. Facebook has taken a hard hit, while Instagram thrives. Stories are more popular. Brands are dwindling without ad budget. There are so many changes that need to be accounted for, and having a social media consultant to help with the ever-changing nature of the market is essential.

So, what do you think? Are you in the first area or second area? Where can your business benefit the most from social media? Can you get there on your own, or does your organization need help? Leave me some thoughts, and stay tuned for more!

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